Read what our families and residents are saying about Windsor Hawthorne!

“To the Windsor Gardens Family of Hawthorne, THANK YOU ALL for caring for my aunt. Thank you for the support and extra miles that were taken to care for my aunt of 92 years young. I appreciate each and everyone of you. God bless.”
– Cynthia B.

“I came with my man to visit his grandma. I work as an EMT and have dropped off patients at hundreds of different SNFs and I must say this is one of the most kept up facilities.

“It may be right in the middle of a busy residential street and maybe not the best area, BUT don’t let that fool you. The staff was very friendly. Grandma looked and smelled clean, fed and relaxed. She can’t speak but we could tell she looks comfortable.

“The facility did NOT have any lingering smell like I’m used to with most SNFs. The facility was clean throughout since we had to walk past most of it to get to her room in the Back. All staff looked and carried themselves appropriately. At some places, LVNs and RNs something don’t look professional with hair color and tattoos showing. I appreciated that they kept it professional.
Definitely a place I wouldn’t mind letting my family stay if we lived nearby. Places like these are hard to come by.”
– Melissa S.